Admission requirments

In accordance with the regulations of the II Level post graduate Master Course in “Progettazione di Eccellenza per la città storica, Dalla cultura del recupero alla cultura delle innovazioni” the candidates, that are entitled to participate in the competition for admission have at the risk of exclusion a (5 years) degree in Architecture as provided for by the previous regulations, or alternatively be in possession of a postgraduate degree in one of the following degree classes 4/S (Architecture and constructional engineering); 28/S (Civil engineering); 34/S (Management engineering); LM-23 (Civil engineering); LM-24 (Engineering of building systems) ; LM-31 (Management engineering).

The competition is also open to candidates with qualifications from foreign universities that have equivalent validity in accordance with norms in force.

The enrollment of non-European citizens resident abroad is dependent to the accordance with norms in force and particularly with the necessary release of National Visa for a stay related to study reasons.

Lacking these requirements the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II can at any time dispose the exclusion of the candidate from the admission procedure with a motivated action.